To Be Seen, To Be Heard, To Be Witnessed – David Gottfried

A petite, pretty blonde woman stands on the stage, tears streaming down her face. From his perch upon his director’s chair in the corner, Matthew says in a tone that belies a gentle firmness, “We’re all so attached to our shit.” Quickly switching to a gravelly, yet piercing voice, Matthew begins to mock our collective insanity, “‘it’s what makes me special, it’s what makes me unique.’” With another fast transition back to his voice of warmth Matthew says, “No! You’re not special and unique; you’re fucking stuck and mediocre.” With that, the petite blonde woman, nods slowly and says, “Yeah. But—“ “—Shut the fuck up,” Matthew interjects, and then continues, suddenly tender again, “And I say th

“Being In The Gray” by Lola Maltz

I started taking class with Matthew Corozine of MCS on Oct 21, 2015 and this class has absolutely changed my life. First off, I didn’t know that my artist self was so stuffed down inside me that my instincts were almost nonexistent. Matthew’s class gave me permission to show my true colors, good and bad. And I’m understanding more and more how being in touch with all of one’s colors as an artist is essential to being a multidimensional actor. I’ve always admired actors who were multidimensional in their performances but I never knew quite how to truly get to that place myself every time I performed. Matthew’s class is a short circuit way into this multidimensional state of performing because

Connecting: You Are Enough by Stacy Keele

When Ryan assigned me this blog in class I was immediately excited for everything I could write about. I had about 100 different ideas and directions I could go in because this class is so special to me. It has taught me more about myself than I ever thought a class could, and then once I stepped back onto the streets of NYC I promptly forgot about it. Spoiler alert, Ryan… every time you asked how it was going and I said “Great! Almost done!” – I hadn’t even started. But isn’t that what life is? Or what life tends to be? An endless parade of trying to hide your vulnerability and truth deep down so you don’t appear to be the mess you actually are? HEY EVERYBODY! YOU ARE A MESS. A BEAUTIFUL, S

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