Congratulations to Terria Joseph and Ted Wold in "A Feminine Ending", directed by Michelle

Hallet's Cove Theater presents "A Feminine Ending", a full length play written by Sarah Treem, directed by Michelle Orosz, with our own Terria Joseph and Ted Wold playing the parents! This play is a gentle, bittersweet comedy about a girl who k nows what she wants, but not quite how to get it. Her parents are getting divorced, her fiancé is almost famous, her first love reappears, and there's a lot of noise in her head, but none of it is music. Until the end. Shows are running February 22nd , 23rd & 24th at 7pm (tickets available now) at the Broom Tree Theater. Cast Includes: Amanda Blue: Ryan Bess Winnick Jack Handel: Jordan P. Schroeder Billy Theebles: Wesley Curtis David: Ted

"i am home" by Samuel Ladd

living in new york city for 11 years could allegedly make one seem bitter. well maybe not bitter... resigned. possibly resigned to the fact that I will always have to stand on the 1 train from 145th street to 59th street while en route to work because it's apparently always rush hour and too many people live in this city. perhaps resigned to the fact that i'm single because no one in this city is actually looking to be in a relationship or make a real connection and men are the worst. potentially resigned to the fact... well, i think you see my point. but all of these things are fine. it's just life. i'm fine. it really doesn't affect me. i'm fine... i'm fine. i remember being so read

"So Many Tools" by Maximus DeFrancesco

First class, I was as nervous and confused as could be. But, by the end, was I curious, riveted, and eager for more? Without a single doubt in my mind, absolutely, yes. I came to MCS without having ever taken an official course in acting. I had spent years focusing on operatic training, music and school. Somehow along the way I forgot what was most important, story telling. After years of being in my head about vocal technique whilst performing I had become numb to the fact that I was not truly communicating. That my potential as an artist is not how perfect my vocal technique is, but rather how well I connect and express on stage. Ryan Tofil, my teacher of six months now, read me like a

"I Consider Myself Extremely Lucky" by David LaMorte

I consider myself extremely lucky to have stumbled upon Ryan Tofil's class at MCS. Unlike most new students, I randomly signed up, having no idea what I was getting myself into, I just liked what I read on the MCS website and decided to take the leap. At the risk of sounding cliche, I still must say that this studio has changed my entire life. Ryan creates such an amazing environment that has allowed me the strength and vulnerability needed to grow as an actor and as a person. I have made so many friends and connections that have enhanced my life and subsequently have enhanced my career as an actor, which was pretty non-existent before joining MCS. After a year of training with Ryan, I gaine

Hats Off to Elena Ricardo in "Beautiful"!

Congratulations to Elena Ricardo who played Carole King in "Beautiful"! The Cadillac Palace in Chicago is running the show through January. We're looking forward to having her back at MCS in February!

Two MCS Actors in One Great Show!

Anna Lise Jensen and Cooper Grodin grace the stage as the title characters in "The Bridges of Madison County". The Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale has performances from January 18th - February 4th, 2018. We love that two great MCS-ers are in a show together! Congratulations!

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