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If You Survived 7th Grade, You Can Be an Actor: Applying the Meisner Technique to Get Outta Your Head in Acting and in Life

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Purchase in person at the Drama Book Shop!

Purchase in person at the Drama Book Shop!

Purchase in person at the Drama Book Shop!

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The audiobook version is HERE! Now available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes!

Acting is living and behaving truthfully and fully under imaginary circumstances. But why is “truthfully” and “fully” so hard for us? Why is it so difficult to be in the moment with our art and in our lives?

At some point, likely in your youth, you had to split to survive, to deny certain parts of “self,” parts needed to get to an intense place of playing the grittiest of supervillains on your favorite TV show, to playing the most important role of your career—your truest self. With Meisner acting technique and a good coach, you can learn how to incorporate all parts of you in every moment…so you can create truthfully and fully.

Multi-hyphenate Matthew Corozine comes from the family tree of famed acting teacher and innovator Sanford Meisner. In If You Survived 7th Grade, You Can be an Actor, Corozine brings us a practical acting technique and exercises developed during his more than two decades of teaching and coaching acting at MCS Theatre. The work inside these pages helps free actors from self-limiting beliefs and emotional blocks through various exercises and activities, and real-life examples. If you want to “get outta your head” and become freer in your art and in life… then you need to pick up a copy of this book.


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