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Master classes

Founding Artistic Director of Matthew Corozine Studio and Acting Coach, Matthew Corozine, is available to travel to your community and teach a One Day Masterclass or a Weekend Masterclass for Actors and Performing Artists.
Photo credit: Dmitry Zhitov
The talent behind the twice Tony-nominated Matthew Corozine Studio (2015/2018 Tony for the Excellence in Theatre Education Award), Matt has taken the Meisner Technique and developed it into a transformative experience perfect for theatre departments at universities that would like to delve deeply into the life-changing technique of Sanford Meisner.

Based in New York City, Matthew has acted as coach and artistic director at the Matthew Corozine Studio (MCS) since 2000, coaching with students on Broadway, in film, television, with his work featured on MTV's award winning television series "Made". With the goal of helping actors to "get outta their heads," MCS has enabled its students to act upon their instincts and impulses, truthfully and fully under the imaginary circumstances of a playwright's world.

Matt teaching at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Federicia, Denmark (2021), along with fellow teacher and Broadway performer, James T. Lane.


The Masterclass

In a masterclass, Matthew coaches students using the Meisner Technique as his foundation. A masterclass with Matthew consists of:
  • Repetition Exercises -- meant to strengthen listening and working off a partner, as well as working from impulse.
  • Audition Technique -- coaching the practical applications of the Meisner Technique within the context of auditioning.
  • Prepared Monologue Work -- deepening the work done with monologues through the Technique, as well as providing monologue suggestions tailored to each student's "type".
  • Prepared Scene Work --  deepening the work done in a scene through the Technique.
  • Personal Monologue (Weekend Only) -- an exercise for creative breakthrough by telling a personal story as the character of "yourself."
Masterclasses can vary in length depending on the number of students attending, though the standard Masterclass with Matthew is 4 hours in length.

Student Testimonials

"This work is so very important for anyone looking to dig deeper in hopes of finding out who they actually are. Should you hope to find your self a movie star or simply better human this is for you."

~ Cooper Grodin, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA "The Phantom" (North American Tour), SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE "George" (Zoetic Stage)

“To be able to fully take your attention off yourself and put it on the other actor will simply make you a better actor. To be able to live in the unknown and let the scene take you where it needs to instead of

doing what you “planned ” to do will better your craft to no end. MCS teaches you that from day one. I have been working as an actor on T.V. and on the Broadway stage since taking Matthew’s class. He guided me in taking my craft to the next step and I would recommend his studio to any serious actor looking to better themselves.”

~ Derrick Williams, WICKED "Fiyero" (Broadway/Natl. Tour) THE BOOK OF MORMON (Broadway/Natl. Tour)

"Matthew Corozine and the MCS family have pushed, lifted, and held me before the mirror of my own soul… and I survived to tell the story! The training at MCS has helped me find my 

voice in a world that tries to silence, and ability stand within myself without listening to the second-guessing and barrage of doubts that plague so many of us.  I have not only grown exponentially as an actor, but also, and more importantly, as a human being. I am irrevocably changed. The work done at Matthew Corozine’s studio is truly a testament to the power of truth, love, community, and the humanity within us all."

~ Alexis Sims, DREAMGIRLS

Please CONTACT us to inquire about rates and scheduling of a Matthew Masterclass at your college or studio!
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