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Mari Hayes

"Ryan Tofil has helped me to markedly improve my acting skills. It has been a hard, arduous process. Meisner has improved my awareness of my scene partner and heightened my improv skills. I've booked more TV and Commercial jobs this year than any previous years."

Dawn Noel


"Matthew is one of my favorite acting teachers to this day. He genuinely cares about you as an actor and a human being. He helped me get out of my own way, get out of my head and live in the moment. I always recommend him to my friends that want to great acting teacher in New York City."

Zachary Spiegel


"MCS is the best adult playground ever invented. Matt has opened me up to new possibilities, adventures, and even falling in love. There is no other artistic haven like it in New York City."

Lauralyn McClelland


"Matt has an insane ability to cut through your shit, see what's underneath it, and love the part of you that you were hiding.  Growing up we're taught to mask the asshole within, be nice... in class we are free to be truthful, angry, selfish, express when we are hurting, scream and hit the wall. A safe place to be vulnerable, what a God-send!  Matt has often said God shows up when we tell the truth.  Well, the truth shall set you free!  It is changing my perspective of myself and life for the better. To shut out the noise for 4 hours and be in the moment is a gift.  

MCS is therapy, church, and art rolled into one."

Kevin Smith Kirkwood

KINKY BOOTS (Broadway)

"I can't say enough about MCS! I love that the class is a wonderful mix of talented actors at all levels of experience, from working Broadway actors and mature veterans, to young energetic talent new to 'the business', all seeking to expand their horizons and honestly work on their craft. It makes for a safe and trusting environment where we inspire and learn from each other's journey and growth. But, Matthew's magic is his innate ability to understand people and connect to each actor on a personal level. He gets to the core of what makes each individual tick. His personality is magnetic, supportive, and fun. Yet, his eye is keen, specific, and intuitive. Those things, plus his palpable passion for helping his students 'get out of their heads' and live (and thus, ACT) more truthfully is what makes him an unbelievably effective coach. At this point in my career, he's helped me stretch some muscles that I haven't had a chance to exercise in quite some time. I'm so grateful I found the MCS."

Lindsay Janisse

WICKED (Broadway), ROCK OF AGES (Broadway)

"In the years I have been at MCS I have not only learned how to use my voice, I have learned what my voice is.  I have learned to listen to it, ignore it, and be inspired by how powerful my point of view really is.  It has given me confidence to walk in a room with my head held high – for no other reason than simply because I know I have something to offer that no one else does.  And I wouldn’t have that without this work.  Without Matt’s encouragement and his visceral sense of who you really are. This man will fight for you.  He will laugh with you.  And he will teach you how to connect the words on a page with the range of emotions and experiences that already live inside of you.  I like to compare it to dancing…the principles I already know are applied almost exactly.  They are just being shaped in a new way.  And it’s thrilling.  Kind of like flying"

Sam Strasfeld

MISS SAIGON (Broadway), AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (Broadway), ANNIE (Broadway)

"'Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose… our growth and our freedom.' - Viktor E. Frankl

Being in Matt’s class has provided me a safe place and watchful eye under which I’ve been able to practice my craft and tap into an endless supply of support and inspiration."

Rachel Shur

JERSEY BOYS (Broadway), A CHORUS LINE (Signature Theatre)

"Consider yourself the luckiest if you become a part of the MCS world. Matt has so brilliantly created a safe haven for discovery, creativity, vulnerability, and growth. What is so inspiring is his ability to coach the future you, the 'you' you may not have even met yet. He has the foresight to see just how beautifully you can bloom as an actor and as a human being. MCS is an amazing place for your art and your heart."

Cooper Grodin

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA "The Phantom" (North American Tour), SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE "George" (Zoetic Stage)

"This work is so very important for anyone looking to dig deeper in hopes of finding out who they actually are. Should you hope to find your self a movie star or simply better human this is for you." 

Megan MacPhee

"If you need anything in this art and business, it is the ability to unapologetically be yourself. Matt's class put me on that never ending life journey in my work and in my life. It is a community of passionate artists who are held accountable to truth led by Matthew. A fiery, passionate, inspiring teacher matched with a supportive and committed community - To have that in my life, I feel insanely grateful."

Levin Valayil


"Studying with Matt has been a life changing experience for me. I used to be in my head trying control everything and make every moment perfect. Matt helped open my eyes to the possibilities of the “other notes.” The not so pretty, messy, and dark notes that were hiding behind my “pleasant” and “nice” facade. Now I know that there is value for all parts of me, the ugly and the beautiful, which has transformed my life and my art."

Kimberly Michelle Thomas

"The first time I worked with Matthew was a coaching for an audition. I remember being horribly nervous. I had never worked with an acting coach, and didn't know what to expect. On top of that, I had very little experience with scene work and was very self conscious about my abilities (or lack there of). WELL. The coaching was only for an hour, but I left feeling more in touch with myself as an actor than I ever had in my years of performance. After that experience, I vowed that I would come back and take regular classes, but of course, I got sidetracked with performance. I had almost let myself off of the hook when… I was away on a gig and mentioned taking class at MCS and was answered by three fellow actors from different productions immediately responding with a resounding “Do it. Now.” That was all the push I needed to take action. I arranged to have a consultation as soon as I returned, and the rest has been an enriching artistic experience for which I am eternally grateful. Matthew Corozine is an insightful, patient, and nurturing teacher, a brilliant director, and most of all, an extraordinary human being. Thank you MCS!"

Chris Russell

"On the day I interviewed with Matthew Corozine, I was a working as a hotel doorman, schlepping bags and opening doors for ungrateful tourists and obnoxious business people. I was bitter and resentful, and I felt like it was what I deserved. Less than a year later, I'm a working actor with a voice and a new-found love for life and people. Being at the studio helped me realize I deserved so much more, and it was okay to fight for it. MCS is a place where your vulernablilty won’t be attacked, but encouraged. It’s a place where your flaws won’t be judged, but put to great use. It's a place to get messy, to fuck up, and to leave it all out on stage. I've never been a spiritual person, but having had the MCS experience, I now truly understand the power of community and the belief of something bigger than oneself. Getting to watch my fellow actors grow and fight for their voices twice a week has been both a bizarre and joyous experience that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life."

Renée Veronica Freeman

SISTER ACT (National Broadway Tour)

"After having been away from MCS for over a year, I found myself surprised to return to Meisner as strong as when I left. This work, works! Matthew's training builds muscles that endure any audition, performance, and life challenge...IF you do the work. His dedication to breaking down all that "blocks you", and to challenging you to continue in the work is what makes this place so special- it's why with each passing year we GROW, become BETTER HUMAN BEINGS to the people in our lives and to ourselves, get STRONGER and more INDIVIDUAL as artists, and SUCCEED as working professionals. But it starts with the commitment he absolutely demands. If you CHOOSE to rise to his challenges, you can face anything personally and professionally...and WIN. Simply put, this studio changed my life"

Ryan Link

"Roger" RENT (Broadway), AIDA (Broadway), HAIR (Broadway), WONDERLAND (Broadway)

"Matthew Corozine's class rescued my stalled acting career from lost mojo and lack of technique.  His passion was the first thing that struck me - that someone could be so about the work that the employment results were irrelevant.  It wasn't about booking the job, it was about being fully and truly present, getting out of your head.  Over time, Matt's passion brought out my own and allowed me to act fearlessly, with complete emotional availability.  You will laugh a lot, you will cry a lot.  At times, in practically the same breath."

Laura Oldham


"MCS is a community of creative people that want to be more than performers; they want to be artists. There's no formula to this work, there's no tricks, there's no 'doing it right'- There's just the other person, and a coach who demands the best out of you. And when it clicks there's no greater ride.  I'm living a better life because of the emotional honesty I'm getting twice a week. That's pretty sweet!"

Steve Riggle

"When I found Matthew Corozine’s insane abilities as an acting coach, I was living my life under a veil. I had little direction personally or professionally, even though I was in an Off-Broadway show. Matthew helped me reignite my passion for acting through truthful existing. Through his coaching, I’ve not only become a more honest actor, but a more honest human. Because of my work at MCS, I’ve gained confidence as an artist, found a community of people committed to being truthful and loyal to one another, and discovered a safe haven to be permitted to not just fail, but to succeed. Matthew is a wizard of an acting coach, deliverer of unique truths and a master of art. If I had to use three words to describe MCS; passion, community, and truth."

Gabrielle Ruiz

CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND, "Carla/Nina" IN THE HEIGHTS (Broadway), "Diana" A CHORUS LINE (1st Natl. Tour), EVITA (Broadway), IF/THEN (Broadway)

"I have been a MCS soldier for over 2 years now, and I truly believe this studio is my home for my artistic soul. I challenge anyone to commit to MCS if they want to get down the REAL reasons of what makes their soul alive and provoke real passion in not only their craft but in their lives. Ever since my first class, my "art of acting” has never been the same and I have never looked back."

David Gottfried

"Matthew Corozine teaches the Meisner Technique with the belief that growth as an artist is synonymous with growth as a human being. Within this belief, the tenets of honesty, integrity, and grace transform an actor's art to levels undiscovered."

Lyndsey Wurch

"Matt’s Class is where I get to practice being a human. Not only have I transformed into an open, available actress since starting class over 2 years ago, but I am constantly learning and growing in the areas of integrity, responsibility, vulnerability, trust, expression, intimacy, and allowing myself to have fun. This class is where I found my voice when I didn’t know it was lost. Now, I exercise it and blast it out to the world. The safe space and community that Matt has cultivated is something I was not expecting to find at first, but am SO grateful to him for a home to practice my art and be myself (on many levels;) I think it’s really important to mention Matt’s dedication and passion for his students. I am amazed at the energy he gives to every class. There are breakthroughs that Matt is committed to every single one of his students having even if it gets uncomfortable.  Every class is an inspiration that, when I leave the studio, I feel awake, magical, and all sorts of grateful inside. His commitment to his students is bigger than running an acting studio.  It’s impacting lives through Theatre. If you’re considering taking class, I recommend you jump on the wave and ride it!"

Lucas Babits-Feinerman

"Matt is a wonderful coach he is supportive but tough. Matt is like a surrogate father, brother, friend to all the people that train with him. My acting has gotten 10000 times better since I joined the studio. I am more vulnerable, less heady, less judgmental, more open, more emotionally available, and better trained to 'go on the ride.' He is the real deal."

Michal Azulay

"Matthew teaches the Meisner technique and then makes it his own. His ability to tailer this craft to each student is nothing short of remarkable. Learning to listen, be affected, and react in every moment is taught throughout every moment in every class: repetition, personal monologues, independent activities, cold reads, scene work, etc. What a gift it has been to learn a technique that gets you out of your head. I am forever grateful to Matthew for creating this studio and community."

Bryan Mittelstadt

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about MCS and being in Ryan Tofil's class. Ryan has completely changed how I work, act, and see the world. His influence, quick eye, ease of explanation, and clarity all make him to be one of the best teachers I have ever worked with. His heart and mind are completely engrossed in helping every actor reach his or her full potential and he never stops believing in his students. The MCS community is forever influenced by his belief and love he so quickly gives. Get ready to work when you enter his class!"

Kathy Deitch


“It is since 2002,  I started working with Matt, and I continue to learn from him whenever I am in class. Meisner Technique has not only freed me up as an actor but also as a human being. My feelings about the world matter and deserve to be heard- Matt was the one who reinforced that in me. MCS will change your life!”

Marty Lawson

HOW TO SUCCEED... (Broadway)

"You come to MCS to study great and honest acting with a passionate meticulous coach. Then you quickly find you never want to leave because of the deep personal exploration and expression Matt develops in everyone. Its not a class. Its a ride on the truthful human experience."

Ioana Alfonso

9 to 5, WICKED (Broadway original casts)

"Matt is undeniably passionate about the need and importance of an artist's voice in the community. He loves the arts and he adores actors. He encourages his students to step away from their fears and self-judgements in order to move closer to experience the truth in a moment. My listening skills improved greatly and I was happy to always get personal attention on my own path!"

Josh Pillbox

"I joined MCS on the recommendation of a musician friend. I'm a musician and I was looking for some theater training to help me be less self-conscious on stage. I didn't know what to expect, but finding this acting studio was the best thing that could have ever happened. Not only have all my bandmates commended me on my "transformation", so has literally everyone else in my life. It may sound strange, but the things we practice in class have helped me to become a better person. The icing on the cake? Less than a year into my training I now have headshots and have acted in two short films."

Cristy Candler


"I had the opportunity to work with a prominent tv director (Friends, Everyone Loves Raymond,etc) recently and jumped in as the lead actress while she was away. Only because of the training with Matt Corozine was I able to trust my instincts enough to DIVE IN without any hesitation. From my work at MCS, I was able to get out of my own way to serve the work with fearlessness, professionalism, and truth. MCS has helped me become a generous actor who trusts going for it and not holding back!"

Tom Berklund


"My work with Matt over the past couple years has given me the skills and confidence to truly consider myself an actor with something unique and personal to offer. The curriculum at MCS and Matt's intuitive skills as a teacher have helped me to work through my personal blocks, many of which I didn't even know I had! This transformation has led to an exciting new appetite for the world of acting. This is most definitely a class I'd recommend to anybody who aspires to deliver honest and powerful work in their career as an actor."

Nicole Lewis

"Dionne", "Sheila" HAIR, LENNON, "Joanne" RENT (Broadway), "Kate" GOOD PEOPLE (Regional)

“Matthew Corozine’s expertise and intuition make him a unique and astute teacher. He quickly and sharply opened up a whole world of understanding of the characters I have had the priviledge of playing this year. His accute understanding of the human condition and the process of acting helped me access the core of the characters, play them truthfully, and book the job!”

Stephen Joshua Thompson

"If you want a workout in honest storytelling, you need to look no further.  Matt has provided a community that allows the true artist to be uncovered in each one of his students.  He pushes you to live truthfully in every moment; taking life as it comes. In my time at the studio, Matthew is my toughest critic and greatest ally.  Through his coaching, I have discovered my voice and purpose once again.  I cannot sing his praises enough!"

Robyn Kay

Teacher/Owner/Founder of Robyn Kay Studio

"The day I found MCS was the day the world began to make sense to me. I began to make sense to me. Matthew's passion for his students is unmatched. He has a magical way of seeing you for who you truly are and teaches you how to use that in your art. To have a coach that demands your best and will never give up on you is invaluable. That's who Matt is. He believes in your greatness, he is not concerned with natural talent. He respects the process and makes you want to work harder. I can honestly say that he went through it with me. 8 years later, I continue to hear Matthews voice in my head and his words remain relevant as I teach at my own acting studio in Toronto. I am forever grateful for my experiences at MCS and for Matt who has given me the tools to know myself as an artist and to create a life with them."

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Ro Milner

"I'm so incredibly greatful to have found Matt and his studio. Since joining, It's amazing looking back at the progress that I have made not only as an artist, but also as a human being. MCS is definitely one of a kind, your just not going to get this type of training/coaching anywhere else in the city. There is such a sense of community within the studio, it's a wonderful feeling to know that I have a "tribe" with me for every step of this journey"

Anthony Wayne

PIPPIN (Broadway), ANYTHING GOES (Broadway), PRISCILLA: Queen of the Desert (Broadway), MIGHTY REAL: A FABULOUS SYLVESTER MUSICAL (Off-Broadway)

Instagram/Twitter: @MrAWayne


“When I first came to Matthew Corzine’s class, I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. I thought I was going to an acting class that was going to teach me to be a better actor. Funny thing was I didn’t even know how to be myself, so how could I fully accept the truth of being someone else. I left his Studio for a while and did some performing work on my own. I was always freaked out about returning to class and couldn’t put my finger on why. During that time away, I evolved as a man, a person, a lover and a friend. I, also, checked out some other studios and just never got the feeling like I could truly commit like I thought I could have at MCS. Eventually, some years later, I came back to class and realized that you truly get out of anything what you put into it. Right then, I made a commitment to truly be invested into the Meisner work fully and then...I got it. I could taste, feel, smell, hear and touch every emotion my partner was feeling and realized the key that was missing was inside of me all the time. As my senses began to become aroused, I could feel myself flying in the truth of myself with the text in the scene work. I began to accept all my flaws, faults, issues, problems and doubts within myself. Matthew unlocks the truth of all those things within you and brings to life those emotions so you can utilize them in every imaginary circumstance. He helps you develop and flex that muscle that allows you to emote in every way no matter where you are or who’s in front of you. I am truly grateful for Matthew Corozine because instead of making me a better actor, he helped make me a better man…and that’s priceless.”

Sheri Sanders

Hal Leonard Published Author of ROCK THE AUDITION, Creator of Pilot Episode of MY TIME (The Oprah Winfrey Network)

"Matt's insistance on my being truthful to my own nature is something I've prayed for in a teacher my whole life. All I want to do when I'm not working is to be in his class and break through."

Alex Quiroga

WICKED (Broadway), TABOO (Broadway)

"Matthew Corozine taught me that not only does my point of view matter, but it is a major ingredient in the make up of my talent. Failure is inevitable and necessary in an actor's growth. It's the lessons that come with it that pushes the actor to the next level of his artistry. I have Mathew to thank for providing me with a safe home to fall, learn, rise again, and ultimately triumph. The opportunity to face my fears and conquer them fuel me as an artist. I use certain muscles when I dance and others when I sing. I think of my emotions as the muscles being trained at MCS.  Strong technique comes with healthy training based in truth. Matthew offers actors the tools they need to build strong technique. Empowered by my point of view, armed with my technique, and confident in my ability to tap into my truth and use it in my work, are what I walk away with every time I leave class."

Elena Ricardo

MAMMA MIA (Broadway), BEAUTIFUL (Natl Tour)

"In a business where limits are placed on us through countless rejections, insensitive comments, or even through our own self doubt, Matt emerges from the negativity and restores faith in everything about our wonderful yet completely unpredictable industry.  We tend to just survive some of the people and events in our lives, but Matt gets you connected to the emotions we often have to suppress in order to get by each day.  He reminds me through every class how important our work is and how we must fall in love with human behavior rather than judge it.  Matt is your biggest fan.  He does everything in his power to fight for your worth.  He is playful, he is strong, and he is exactly what I've needed in not only my acting life but my personal life.  I am capable of anything at MCS and he will never let me forget that."

Matthew LaBanca

"Frederick Frankenstein" YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, WHITE CHRISTMAS (Broadway), GOOD ENOUGH (2014 United Solo)

"Taking class here is, hands down, the best investment I've made for my acting career. I always knew I had more depth as an actor, but that depth eluded me until I found MCS. This is where I finally learned to let go of doing things the "right" way, to honor my own unique impulses, and to consistently know what it means to live in the moment.. The environment here is creative, safe, and often magical. My work is richer, fuller, and more true because of my studies at MCS."

Anna Lise Jensen

RAGTIME (Astoria Performing Arts Center) SUNDAY IN THE PARK.., PASSION (Zoetic Stage)

"Not only was MCS my artistic home when I was living in NYC, it also became my family. The growth I experienced as an artist there, and the support from my community help me find my next great adventure: teaching at New World High School for Performing Arts in Miami. I use the skills I learned at MCS every day, not only with my students but also in my life. My work at MCS helped me to be a better actor and also a better human being. I recommend MCS for any artist who is looking to deepen their craft and has a hunger for pushing themselves past their known limits. The Meisner technique will assist in more truthful story telling, but the community will become the backbone to strengthen your resolve and help you to take bigger and better risks."

Tommy McDowell

"Cliff" u/s CABARET (Natl. Tour), AMERICAN IDIOT (Natl. Tour)

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a coach who is so passionate about and dedicated to making each one of his students the most open and truthful expression of themselves that they can possibly be. Since joining Matt's studio in 2012, I have heard him say (among many other things), "I've got you." It's a statement that I not only hear, but one that I can feel every time I'm on that stage. Matt doesn't believe in giving any less than 100% of himself to each and every student who walks through the door of his studio. From the moment class begins, he's tireless, ruthless, selfless, and fearless in his coaching, and I love him for it."

Terria Joseph


"My experience with MCS has been the surprise of my life. I think I began repeating in 2010, but I have never felt more alive, purposeful and respected. Matthew is always excited about each minute of class. He chooses monologues, lyrics, poetry and scenes that fit each one of us like a glove. He pushes each person into moments of discomfort, truth and often liberation! I praise the day I met my coach! Even as a grandma, with all the years of acting, waiting, auditioning, ups and downs, Coach has a way of making me feel relevant and hopeful and fine tuned! MCS is Golden. As an actor, it is #everything!"

Allison Wilkes

"Unlike other studios which may focus on fixing or hiding your flaws and vulnerabilities, Matt zones in on them like a missile and forces you to look at them, learn from them and love them. This grants you the true freedom as an actor that you have been craving all along."

Nicholas Dromard

"Bert" MARY POPPINS (Broadway & Natl. Tour), "Tommy Devito" JERSEY BOYS (Natl. Tour and Broadway)

"Matt has helped me discover tools and notes that I didn't think I had in my acting. I love his energy and dedication and I've never trusted a teacher like I trust him. I can't speak highly enough about his class."

Lindsey Kelly

"I'm so grateful to be part of this community of artists built on integrity, trust, and the understanding that art is important. In this business we sometimes need to be reminded. Matt is incredibly intuitive and adapts his coaching to meet the individuals needs, working to find that little golden nugget that makes you, you. Coaching with Matt has expanded my scope as an artist, provided me with the tools to be an instinctive, truthful, risk taking, and ultimately more interesting actor, and really just a more connected human being. While working Matt asks, "can it please be about something bigger than us?" and it reminds me that we are all human beings looking for a connection, that looking good happens when you finally give up looking good, and that art is the one place we can tell the truth (in fact it's our job as actors!)"

Joe Bellino

"MCS is a life changer, plain and simple. Never have I taken an acting class that has resulted in a complete shift in my way of thinking. MCS forces you to follow your impulses before the brain gets involved, sort of like improv training, but then it kicks it up a thousand notches and injects it with a truth serum while it's not looking. You realize that change truly is constant. You learn that self consciousness occurs when one refuses to behave truthfully. You learn that everything you do matters to someone and everything that you hear or read affects you. You learn to look at text in a song or script as a boat just riding along the waves of your emotional life. This technique either works for you or automatically weeds out those who it won't benefit from it. If it chooses you, you will find yourself in a community that supports you through every step of your creative journey. So as Matthew Corozine says 'FIRE! Aim. Ready.'"

Margaret Mackin

"Right before moving to New York I felt like all my natural instincts had been tampered with. I forgot how to just live in the moment with my art. MCS has given me the confidence to walk into an audition room and just have fun and be myself. I have gotten a lot better feedback and callbacks from people in the room since taking this class. I always tried to be what they were looking for, but because of MCS I have realized that I am enough! The love that surrounds this studio is overwhelming. Not only are you gaining a community, but you are also learning to become the best actor you can be.  Yes, this work is hard and demanding…but it is also so fulfilling and you will learn a lot about yourself along the way!"

Jeremy Levy

"I have trained in acting in some form or another my entire life. Nothing I’ve experienced has been quite like this class. Part playground, part temple, the studio serves as a place to explore your art and your soul. It’s not just Matt’s knowledge of and commitment to the work. It’s not just his unbridled passion. It’s his uncanny ability to know you. To know what you need. And most importantly, to know what you can do."

Autumn Guzzardi

"I came to MCS when I needed an artistic kick in the rear and MCS has helped to light a welcomed fire in my life.  It has given me the space to expand my limits as a performer, trust connections with other actors, increase my emotional vernacular, and sharpen my scene work skills.  I now carry my MCS training with me in all aspects of my career as well as my daily life.  Taking risks, having some faith, and practicing the skills that keep us sharp performers are valuable things I've learned from MCS.  I'm truly grateful!"

Vincent Rodriguez III

"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Here Lies Love (The Public Theatre Off-Bdwy), "Luke" Anything Goes (1st Natl. Tour)

"Learning the Meisner technique in Matthew’s class, I felt like it was the first time I was truly acting. His classroom setting is such a nourishing place to be for the actor looking to strengthen the honesty and fullness to their work. It’s the ultimate “gym” for listening, being in the moment and reacting on impulse… all things that are vital & unique to our expression as actors. It’s very comforting to know that Matt is there, fighting for us to be our authentic, true selves. To get out of our heads and allow ourselves to tap into those instincts & emotions with the full depth that we often don’t know that we have. After taking class with Matthew, I definitely feel my confidence as an actor getting stronger & stronger.”

Nikki Stephenson

"This work ain't for everybody! That is the one truth that I have come to realize about the Meisner technique at MCS. This work demands your ENTIRE self to show up, DO the work, and to be in TRUTH. Oh, and you will be pushed! Pushed in the most loving and necessary way!  In a world where I have to "act" a certain way, or "manage" my feelings, I did not expect an acting studio to provide, not only a safe place for me to show the colors of my emotional range, but a community of artists that value truth in the work and in life.  That was the biggest surprise that has kept me coming back to MCS. And, oh wow, the talent! I feel so privileged to be able to work with some of the greatest actors in NYC at MCS. As an African-American woman, it was extremely important for me to find a teacher that understood that I come with a very different point of view, and live a very different experience.  The work I've been given is thoughtful and limitless. I have found MCS to be socially and politically aware of the responsibility we carry as artist to make a difference in this world.  It truly is an Artist's Community!"

David Lipman

WIZARD OF LIES (HBO), LAW & ORDER SVU (Judge many episodes), TRUE GRIT (Coen Bros. film)

"Matthew Corozine is the best teacher I have ever seen. He has the knack of freeing his students from their inhibitions, so their instruments their can fully express themselves. He opened me up to emotional resources I didn’t know I had. He intuitively understands who we are and how to get the best out of us. His classes are a terrific experience, both fun and freeing. I never miss a class."

Elizabeth Saunders

CANDIDE (Lyric Opera San Diego), Weill's DIE BÜRGSCHAFT (U.S. and Germany), Member of the Board of Directors, New York Singing Teachers Association

"At the Matthew Corozine Studio your deepest, most essential self will be ruggedly challenged, loved, cherished, called out on the floor, and compelled to stand up for itself.  You will learn how to enter into conflict, uncertainty--or whatever else you may be in the habit of running away from--and be assisted by a strong, nurturing trainer to stand in the middle of it with your entire humanity. If you allow it, this will affect your body, voice, and mind in ways you felt—or hoped—must be there but could not necessarily foresee. You will stand taller in your life and in your art. As a singer-actor, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to train and grow at MCS. As a longtime trainer of professional singers and singer-actors, I am impressed by the precision, integrity, and nuance that is brought to the training. It never ceases to inspire, inform and enlighten me. If you want a game changer, this is the place."

Mickey Abate

“I’ve gotten so much from Matthew Corozine and everyone at MCS, that I hardly know where to begin. Matthew gave me back my art. Plain and simple. He validates my talent. He coaches me to a new understanding of myself and my work in a scene. He calls me out on my ‘tricks’ and points out where I need to grow. Through the Meisner work, and Matthew’s off-the-cuff common sense, I now really listen to my fellow actor, putting all my attention and focus on the person I am sharing the stage with in order to create a full and complete imaginary world. It is a feeling that is hard for me to explain, but it is at the core of why I love to act. The simple truth is when one is happy in his art, one is happy in his life. Matthew Corozine and the community at MCS have made me very, very happy. Thank you.”

Lola Maltz

"Best acting class! I fall in love with acting all over again every time I'm in class, and Matthew Corozine is a phenomal acting teacher. I feel grateful to be in his studio!"

Luke Darnell

"For me, the best thing about class with Matthew Corozine is that he creates a very supportive atmosphere without coddling. Class feels like a safe place to shed baggage and take risks but you'll also feel challenged to dig deeper, to let the scene or exercise take you to a place that you didn't expect, to truly and fully connect with your fellow actors. He has tremendous instincts when it comes to knowing how to specifically challenge and guide an actor toward a breakthrough and continuously helps me to get out of my own way."

Alexis Sims


"Matthew Corozine and the MCS family have pushed, lifted, and held me before the mirror of my own soul… and I survived to tell the story! The training at MCS has helped me find my voice in a world that tries to silence, and ability stand within myself without listening to the second-guessing and barrage of doubts that plague so many of us.  I have not only grown exponentially as an actor, but also, and more importantly, as a human being. I am irrevocably changed. The work done at Matthew Corozine’s studio is truly a testament to the power of truth, love, community, and the humanity within us all."

Derrick Williams

WICKED "Fiyero" (Broadway/Natl. Tour) THE BOOK OF MORMON (Broadway/Natl. Tour)

“To be able to fully take your attention off yourself and put it on the other actor will simply make you a better actor. To be able to live in the unknown and let the scene take you where it needs to instead of doing what you “planned ” to do will better your craft to no end. MCS teaches you that from day one. I have been working as an actor on T.V. and on the Broadway stage since taking Matthew’s class. He guided me in taking my craft to the next step and I would recommend his studio to any serious actor looking to better themselves.”

Asmeret Ghebremichael


"Matt is the kind of teacher who accepts nothing less than your best. At MCS I learned how to interpret text through my voice, which I feel makes for unique and solid work every time. There’s no comparing or copying; it’s all about trusting your gifts and becoming your most authentic and fearless self, on and off stage."

Timothy Quinn

"Prior to MCS, I felt lost both as an artist and as a person. Matthew's class has opened me up to so many things and truly saved my life. I wouldn't trade my MCS family for anything!"

Kristina Cole

"There is no greater space to find, cultivate, and support your artistry than at MCS. Matthew has taught me to never accept less than my best, live truthfully and fully (in both real AND imaginary circumstances), and to trust my own unique voice. In a world full of "this is the right way to act," Matt takes the time and compassion with each student to embolden their talent into a masterpiece that is all their own. Everywhere I take this work and Matthew's impeccable coaching- I find a trail of callbacks, bookings, and the best feedback an actor could ask for. Without fail, the joy and courage I have personally found in this studio has filled my work with humanistic authenticity. Run, don't walk to his class." 

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