“Being In The Gray” by Lola Maltz

I started taking class with Matthew Corozine of MCS on Oct 21, 2015 and this class has absolutely changed my life. First off, I didn’t know that my artist self was so stuffed down inside me that my instincts were almost nonexistent. Matthew’s class gave me permission to show my true colors, good and bad. And I’m understanding more and more how being in touch with all of one’s colors as an artist is essential to being a multidimensional actor. I’ve always admired actors who were multidimensional in their performances but I never knew quite how to truly get to that place myself every time I performed.

Matthew’s class is a short circuit way into this multidimensional state of performing because he not only allows, but he encourages you to be you, all of you, the good the bad and the ugly. So that’s where my journey started in Matthew’s class: not looking good, not sounding good, and not always pleasing others. In other words, being human. And as a result of this process of being human in all its capacities, I am now able to be in touch with my actor instincts. I can cry onstage in a genuine way. I can feel real feelings of love for other people. I can feel true intimacy with others. And I can actually step in the shoes of my characters in a real and truthful way because I’m not pushing to become something, but I am actually living it in real time. My first class I remember thinking, “Wow, these people (actors) are being 100% authentic and real. That’s amazing. And this teacher actually wants them to do this. He’s encouraging real honesty. And that is rare.” Then I thought “Will I be able to do this someday?”

Well, I think I am. Slowly but surely I am learning how to live in the gray. Not only in class but in life. I know I am becoming a better actor. And a surprising addition to this process is that I am becoming a better human being in my life too. I keep coming back because (and I’m there every class, I haven’t missed a class yet) because I see the results in myself and others, and the results only get stronger the more you show up. I have never encountered a teacher like Matthew. He truly is a gem. I am beyond grateful to be in his class.

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