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Jessica Sylvester: an MCS Poem-Blog

"The Colors of Actors"

by Jessica Sylvester

I walked in to my first day of acting class,

not knowing what to expect or how long I would last.

At the time, I had no idea what this work would bring

It changed my life and opened me up to so many things.

A lot of my shit, I kept inside

you see, I was brought up believing feeling was a weakness

and you had to be strong if you wanted to survive.

Surviving what life brings you,

by staying numb to the emotional pain

I was slowly losing myself,

with nothing to gain.

It was hard to let go of living in my old ways,

My teacher slowly broke down my wall,

I stayed even when I felt like running away.

My teacher said he was fighting for me,

That's when I started to believe,

Believe in myself, that the colors inside

Is what makes me who I am, someone strong, and not afraid to feel or hide.

MCS is a family of actors with different colors,

Bright, dark, and in between,

The colors of so many feelings,

Feelings of regret, longing, sadness and misery

Brought up by personal monologues, the stories of our history.

This family of actors not only cares,

They love you unconditionally, feel for you with every tear

The feelings you grew up thinking you should hide,

blossoms through the work of Meisner and Matthew Corozine.

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