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"The Perfect Time" by Correy West

I would join when everything perfectly lined up and the time was right. That perfect time never came. Changing who I had become finally became a priority and with the help of friends, I finally jumped in, and I am sooo glad that I did. Ryan and MCS has truly changed my life! It has gotten me out of my head and pushed me to be comfortable with who I am. Freed me up enough to know that I am enough. That who I am makes me unique and sets me apart from everyone else. To take responsibility for the things I can control. To give me permission to push myself and take risks. My current goal is to transition from a career as a dancer to a leading man. I have been with MCS for a year and a half and progress has moved much faster than I ever anticipated! I was honored to play the role of Fagin in "Oliver" at Virginia Stage Company and am being called in for roles in shows that I never thought I would be seen for. I am much further than I ever thought I would be at this point and I owe it all to the confidence this studio has instilled in me! My entire experience with MCS has pushed me to challenge myself as a person. The person I want to be as an actor and the human I want to be in life. I look forward to continuing to grow with the studio and I am truly enjoying the man I have become!

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