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Got a self-taped Audition? Hire Chris Russell!


Need to film a huge audition, but only have your smartphone and a non-actor roommate to help you film and read? Don't have any reel material, but want to have a clip of you performing a scene or monologue on film for your casting network profiles? With casting directors and producers getting hundreds and hundreds of submissions for each project, those without video media on their actors access and backstage profiles are the first bunch to get filtered out. Every time. Having clips on those sites is crucial is booking work as an actor.

For just $75 an hour, you can receive on-camera coaching with a committed, trained actor (me!) as your reader. Whether you want to upload a clip online that showcases your strengths, or film an audition, I will help put you in the best-possible position to get NOTICED by the next casting director.

"Chris has coached me on numerous video auditions- each time bringing his expertise to help me quickly identify the flow and development of the scene, ground myself in the character, and ensure that I hit the crucial beats in each take- all while creating an encouraging and non-judgmental environment. His coaching was essential in helping me book the national tour of The Sound of Music!" - Annie Sherman

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