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"So Many Tools" by Maximus DeFrancesco

First class, I was as nervous and confused as could be. But, by the end, was I curious, riveted, and eager for more? Without a single doubt in my mind, absolutely, yes. I came to MCS without having ever taken an official course in acting. I had spent years focusing on operatic training, music and school. Somehow along the way I forgot what was most important, story telling. After years of being in my head about vocal technique whilst performing I had become numb to the fact that I was not truly communicating. That my potential as an artist is not how perfect my vocal technique is, but rather how well I connect and express on stage. Ryan Tofil, my teacher of six months now, read me like a book. He knew there was more I could give and so did my classmates. Ryan’s ability to definitively see you, give you the attention you need and cultivate your abilities is staggering to me. He is truly one of the most selfless instructors I have ever been with over my career. He always puts the craft and his students first and foremost. The studio as a whole is rather egoless. Your classmates want you to succeed as much as your instructors. It is quite literally the opposite atmosphere of a holding room! People are focused, caring and respectful. The training itself has given me so many tools. I hear quotes and peers in my ears throughout my creative process. I am calmer at auditions, more focused own my time in the room and above all else am better able to listen. This studio and technique teaches you to listen so well that you are forced to communicate more effectively. It is especially this tool that has helped me grow as an actor, an artist and as a person.

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