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Danny Caraballo stars in "How to Repair a Mechanical Heart"!

MCS alum Danny Caraballo starred as Kade in the new musical "How to Repair a Mechanical Heart" April 11 & 12, 2022.

About the show: How to Repair a Mechanical Heart is an original musical based on the novel by J.C. Lillis. A modern, queer twist on a classic romantic musical comedy, this witty and warmhearted show is about first love, fandom, and finding the courage to be yourself.

Brandon and Abel, two very different guys, met in an online fanfiction group devoted to their favorite sci-fi TV show, Castaway Planet. During a weekend adventure that changes everything, the guys-along with Brandon's best friend and nerd skeptic, Bec-hit the road in an RV to attend a fan convention for Cast- away Planet. Along the way, Brandon and Abel uncover secrets about each other, spar with an online community of fanfiction writers, meet their TV idols, and maybe possibly fall in love. But as Brandon's conservative upbringing and Abel's painful romantic past conspire to keep them apart, the two have to find a way to repair their own hearts-and each other's. Instagram and TikTok: @mechanicalheartmusical

Danny Caraballo

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