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Kevin Smith Kirkwood

KINKY BOOTS (Broadway)

"I can't say enough about MCS! I love that the class is a wonderful mix of talented actors at all levels of experience, from working Broadway actors and mature veterans, to young energetic talent new to 'the business', all seeking to expand their horizons and honestly work on their craft. It makes for a safe and trusting environment where we inspire and learn from each other's journey and growth. But, Matthew's magic is his innate ability to understand people and connect to each actor on a personal level. He gets to the core of what makes each individual tick. His personality is magnetic, supportive, and fun. Yet, his eye is keen, specific, and intuitive. Those things, plus his palpable passion for helping his students 'get out of their heads' and live (and thus, ACT) more truthfully is what makes him an unbelievably effective coach. At this point in my career, he's helped me stretch some muscles that I haven't had a chance to exercise in quite some time. I'm so grateful I found the MCS."


Lauralyn McClelland


ROCK OF AGES (Broadway)

"Matt has an insane ability to cut through your shit, see what's underneath it, and love the part of you that you were hiding.  Growing up we're taught to mask the asshole within, be nice... in class we are free to be truthful, angry, selfish, express when we are hurting, scream and hit the wall. A safe place to be vulnerable, what a God-send!  Matt has often said God shows up when we tell the truth. Well, the truth shall set you free! It is changing my perspective of myself and life for the better. To shut out the noise for 4 hours and be in the moment is a gift.  

MCS is therapy, church, and art rolled into one."


Michael Cusumano

CHICAGO (Broadway),


MCS gave me tools and courage as a performer to go deeper within myself and guide me in my journey as I discovered who I am and my purpose. I am forever grateful to Matthew for believing in me and being an incredible mentor, inspiration and friend.

Student Testimonials

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Gabrielle Ruiz

"Valencia" in CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND, "Carla/Nina" IN THE HEIGHTS (Broadway), EVITA (Broadway), IF/THEN (Broadway)

"I have been a MCS soldier for over 2 years now, and I truly believe this studio is my home for my artistic soul. I challenge anyone to commit to MCS if they want to get down the REAL reasons of what makes their soul alive and provoke real passion in not only their craft but in their lives. Ever since my first class, my "art of acting” has never been the same and I have never looked back."

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Elijah Caldwell
Usher Standby in STRANGE LOOP (Playwrights Horizon)

“MCS opened my eyes to the notion that I had the ability to be great. Now, my work at MCS is teaching me to LIVE in my greatness!”

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Matthew LaBanca



"Taking class here is, hands down, the best investment I've made for my acting career. I always knew I had more depth as an actor, but that depth eluded me until I found MCS. This is where I finally learned to let go of doing things the "right" way, to honor my own unique impulses, and to consistently know what it means to live in the moment.. The environment here is creative, safe, and often magical. My work is richer, fuller, and more true because of my studies at MCS."

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Kristina Cole

The Black List, Billions,

Co-Founder of The Shrill Collective

"There is no greater space to find, cultivate, and support your artistry than at MCS. Matthew has taught me to never accept less than my best, live truthfully and fully (in both real AND imaginary circumstances), and to trust my own unique voice. In a world full of "this is the right way to act," Matt takes the time and compassion with each student to embolden their talent into a masterpiece that is all their own. Everywhere I take this work and Matthew's impeccable coaching- I find a trail of callbacks, bookings, and the best feedback an actor could ask for. Without fail, the joy and courage I have personally found in this studio has filled my work with humanistic authenticity. Run, don't walk to his class.


Jason Williams

A BRONX TALE (1st National Tour)

"I am so grateful to be able to call Matthew Corozine Studio my acting home. Matt's care for his students and his personalized coaching style are one of a kind. I took my first class 9 years ago and I still can't get enough!  One of the really great things about MCS is no class ever feels the same. He always finds new and interesting ways to challenge you not only as an artist but as a person. He's built such a safe place and strong community for creativity and growth and my life and career have benefited greatly from my time there. I would highly recommend this studio for actors at any level who want hone their craft and learn about themselves in the process!"


Kimberly Michelle Thomas

USO Show Troupe

"The first time I worked with Matthew was a coaching for an audition. I remember being horribly nervous. I had never worked with an acting coach, and didn't know what to expect. On top of that, I had very little experience with scene work and was very self conscious about my abilities (or lack there of). WELL. The coaching was only for an hour, but I left feeling more in touch with myself as an actor than I ever had in my years of performance. After that experience, I vowed that I would come back and take regular classes, but of course, I got sidetracked with performance. I had almost let myself off of the hook when… I was away on a gig and mentioned taking class at MCS and was answered by three fellow actors from different productions immediately responding with a resounding “Do it. Now.” That was all the push I needed to take action. I arranged to have a consultation as soon as I returned, and the rest has been an enriching artistic experience for which I am eternally grateful. Matthew Corozine is an insightful, patient, and nurturing teacher, a brilliant director, and most of all, an extraordinary human being. Thank you, MCS!"u MCS!"


Elena Ricardo

Beautiful, Mamma Mia (Broadway)

"In a business where limits are placed on us through countless rejections, insensitive comments, or even through our own self doubt, Matt emerges from the negativity and restores faith in everything about our wonderful yet completely unpredictable industry.  We tend to just survive some of the people and events in our lives, but Matt gets you connected to the emotions we often have to suppress in order to get by each day. He reminds me through every class how important our work is and how we must fall in love with human behavior rather than judge it.  Matt is your biggest fan. He does everything in his power to fight for your worth. He is playful, he is strong, and he is exactly what I've needed in not only my acting life but my personal life. I am capable of anything at MCS and he will never let me forget that."

Marty Lawson.jpg

Marty Lawson

King Kong, Promises, Promises, Shrek (Broadway)

"You come to MCS to study great and honest acting with a passionate meticulous coach. Then you quickly find you never want to leave because of the deep personal exploration and expression Matt develops in everyone. It's not a class. Its a ride on the truthful human experience."

Dawn Noel.png

Dawn Noel


"Matthew is one of my favorite acting teachers to this day. He genuinely cares about you as an actor and a human being. He helped me get out of my own way, get out of my head and live in the moment. I always recommend him to my friends that want to great acting teacher in New York City."


Asmeret Ghebremichael


"Matt is the kind of teacher who accepts nothing less than your best. At MCS I learned how to interpret text through my voice, which I feel makes for unique and solid work every time. There’s no comparing or copying; it’s all about trusting your gifts and becoming your most authentic and fearless self, on and off stage."


Terria Joseph


"My experience with MCS has been the surprise of my life. I think I began repeating in 2010, but I have never felt more alive, purposeful and respected. Matthew is always excited about each minute of class. He chooses monologues, lyrics, poetry and scenes that fit each one of us like a glove. He pushes each person into moments of discomfort, truth and often liberation! I praise the day I met my coach! Even as a grandma, with all the years of acting, waiting, auditioning, ups and downs, Coach has a way of making me feel relevant and hopeful and fine tuned! MCS is Golden. As an actor, it is #everything!"


Vincent Rodriguez III

TV: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, HERE LIES LOVE (The Public Theatre, Off-B'way)

"Learning the Meisner technique in Matthew’s class, I felt like it was the first time I was truly acting. His classroom setting is such a nourishing place to be for the actor looking to strengthen the honesty and fullness to their work. It’s the ultimate “gym” for listening, being in the moment and reacting on impulse… all things that are vital & unique to our expression as actors. It’s very comforting to know that Matt is there, fighting for us to be our authentic, true selves. To get out of our heads and allow ourselves to tap into those instincts & emotions with the full depth that we often don’t know that we have. After taking class with Matthew, I definitely feel my confidence as an actor getting stronger & stronger.”

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Luke Darnell


"For me, the best thing about class with Matthew Corozine is that he creates a very supportive atmosphere without coddling. Class feels like a safe place to shed baggage and take risks but you'll also feel challenged to dig deeper, to let the scene or exercise take you to a place that you didn't expect, to truly and fully connect with your fellow actors. He has tremendous instincts when it comes to knowing how to specifically challenge and guide an actor toward a breakthrough and continuously helps me to get out of my own way."


Autumn Guzzardi


(10th Anniversary Off-Broadway)

"I came to MCS when I needed an artistic kick in the rear and MCS has helped to light a welcomed fire in my life.  It has given me the space to expand my limits as a performer, trust connections with other actors, increase my emotional vernacular, and sharpen my scene work skills.  I now carry my MCS training with me in all aspects of my career as well as my daily life.  Taking risks, having some faith, and practicing the skills that keep us sharp performers are valuable things I've learned from MCS. I'm truly grateful!"

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 5.25.46 PM.png

Nicolas Dromard


"Matt has helped me discover tools and notes that I didn't think I had in my acting. I love his energy and dedication and I've never trusted a teacher like I trust him. I can't speak highly enough about his class."

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