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Welcome to the SHAKESPEARE COLLECTIVE: a new, unpretentious, classical sanctuary for the modern actor conceived by Peter Fanone.

Email to sign up today.

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The date is SET for Peter Fanone’s next Beginner Boot Camp Intensive for Actors at MCS Theatre!


Join us on this deep immersive dive into Shakespeare’s world, where in just 5 sessions you’ll explore: 

  • the fundamentals of verse technique

  • The life and times of the Bard and how that serves you as a contemporary actor 

  • How to set technique aside and perform heightened text with freedom and spontaneity

  • Ways to personalize the text and find your voice in heightened verse 

  • Vocal and physical warmups specifically geared towards classical performance 


Through interactive exercises, thought-provoking lectures, collaborative monologue/scene-work and fun games, Oeter will give you all the tools you need to ignite the imagination, build confidence, make the Bard’s words your own, and walk away ready to tackle Shakespeare’s greatest works in the audition room and beyond!


We already have multiple signups and limited space, so email or to reserve your spot now! 


Let’s get heightened y’all!


THURSDAYS | 6-9:30 PM,

Dates: 2/16-3/16 


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This rolling course is designed to be a playground and creative hub for experienced classical performers/seasoned Shakespeare veterans. 


Peter will help these Disciples of the Bard to hone their craft, get out of their heads, deepen their understanding of Shakespearean verse technique/history, enhance spontaneity, and bridge the gap between obeying the verse-line and truthful, moment-to- moment performance through:


  • Interactive exercises

  • Fun verse-inspired games

  • Cold Reads/Audition Prep

  • Monologue/scenework

  • Exploration of Shakespearean Sonnets 

  • Meisner-based repetition

And so much more!



Whether you: 


  • Have been in 2 Shakespeare shows or a million

  • Have lost the fun and spontaneity in your classical work or feel liberated and truthful in  performance

  • Have a shaky understanding of verse technique or can spot a Spondee a mile away

 This course is for YOU! 



Join the beating heart of the Shakespeare Collective in NYC and let’s bring Shakespeare back to the people y’all.


Meets MONDAYS, 12-3:30 PM

4 Class Pack - $200 

1 Class - $60

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