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Welcome to the SHAKESPEARE COLLECTIVE: a new, unpretentious, classical sanctuary for the modern actor conceived by Peter Fanone.

Email to sign up today.

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Over the course of this 5 Session Beginner Boot Camp Intensive, Peter will immerse you in Shakespeare’s world in a warm, engaging, and unpretentious environment full of:


  • Interactive Imagination-Based exercises

  • Collaborative monologue and scene-work 

  • Thorough introduction to verse technique and scansion

  • Brief lectures on the life and times of Shakespeare for historical context

  • Tricks for memorization

  • Fun Games to spark creativity and demystify Shakespeare’s world

  • Examples of Great Shakespearean Performance  


The Intensive will culminate in a final, (optionally- filmed) open class where students will perform one Shakespeare monologue and one scene that they can take with them into audition rooms and beyond!


This 5 Session Beginner Intensive is for the practical actor; the actor who wants to learn the rules, techniques, and historical contexts of heightened text but not be ruled by it; the actor who wants the visceral and spontaneous, not the poetically pre-planned; the actor who wants the muddy ground beneath their feet, not the ivory towers of the elite. 


This intensive is for all of you. 


THURSDAYS | 6-9:30 PM,

Dates: 1/12-2/9 


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This rolling course is designed to be a playground and creative hub for experienced classical performers/seasoned Shakespeare veterans. 


Peter will help these Disciples of the Bard to hone their craft, get out of their heads, deepen their understanding of Shakespearean verse technique/history, enhance spontaneity, and bridge the gap between obeying the verse-line and truthful, moment-to- moment performance through:


  • Interactive exercises

  • Fun verse-inspired games

  • Cold Reads/Audition Prep

  • Monologue/scenework

  • Exploration of Shakespearean Sonnets 

  • Meisner-based repetition

And so much more!



Whether you: 


  • Have been in 2 Shakespeare shows or a million

  • Have lost the fun and spontaneity in your classical work or feel liberated and truthful in  performance

  • Have a shaky understanding of verse technique or can spot a Spondee a mile away

 This course is for YOU! 



Join the beating heart of the Shakespeare Collective in NYC and let’s bring Shakespeare back to the people y’all.


Meets MONDAYS, 12-3:30 PM

4 Class Pack - $200 

1 Class - $60

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