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Cooper Grodin

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA "The Phantom" (North American Tour), SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE "George" (Zoetic Stage)

"This work is so very important for anyone looking to dig deeper in hopes of finding out who they actually are. Should you hope to find your self a movie star or simply better human this is for you." 

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Alexis Sims


"Matthew Corozine and the MCS family have pushed, lifted, and held me before the mirror of my own soul… and I survived to tell the story! The training at MCS has helped me find my voice in a world that tries to silence, and ability stand within myself without listening to the second-guessing and barrage of doubts that plague so many of us.  I have not only grown exponentially as an actor, but also, and more importantly, as a human being. I am irrevocably changed. The work done at Matthew Corozine’s studio is truly a testament to the power of truth, love, community, and the humanity within us all."

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Matthew LaBanca

"Frederick Frankenstein" YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, WHITE CHRISTMAS (Broadway), GOOD ENOUGH (2014 United Solo)

"Taking class here is, hands down, the best investment I've made for my acting career. I always knew I had more depth as an actor, but that depth eluded me until I found MCS. This is where I finally learned to let go of doing things the "right" way, to honor my own unique impulses, and to consistently know what it means to live in the moment.. The environment here is creative, safe, and often magical. My work is richer, fuller, and more true because of my studies at MCS."

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