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Eager to please, Chloe balances her Greek family's drama, her millennial childhood memories, and parental interrogations as she confronts her life choices in the days leading up to her little sister's wedding. Will her Approachable Face be enough to keep the family together, revitalize her stalled acting career, and pull off the lesbian wedding of her sister's dreams?!

Actor and Comedian, Chloe Kounadis performs her original one person show, "Approachable Face", where she brings life to a variety of characters in this fictional version of her own life's events.

Director: Allison Maddox
Stage Manager/Lighting Design/Sound Design: Elyse Durand

Approachable Face
Death In Autumn

Autumn 2019, Edison, NJ. When the beloved matriarch of the Sheehan-Tramontano family dies, its estranged members with their drastically different religious perspectives and political leanings are forced to reunite and establish precisely what kind of send-off Grandma Betsy deserves. A dark comedy that is meant to represent the deep division that exists in our country today. Is America dying because we all suck? And can it be saved? Sometimes it takes death to make us realize what really matters.